Friday, May 3, 2013

Support Your Team

Do you ever get that feeling of butterflies in your stomach, the smile that will not leave your face, the nervousness that consumes all your thoughts? I do and it always starts around May 1. That’s right #NHL playoffs. It’s that time of year that the fans of 16 teams are glued to the TV filled with optimism that this just may be the year that their team can hoist the cup and declare we are champions. Having 4 Canadian teams in the dance this year is fantastic. Bring the cup back to Canada!  
I love Hockey and the NHL; I am a fan of the game and the intricacies that are associated with it. I often find myself not watching the puck but watching where the puck has come from and anticipating where it will go next. Have you ever sat in behind the net at a hockey game? If you get the chance try and watch the play develop. The players are trying to figure out a game of Chess on a 200ft board going at top speed. Makes the game so much more interesting (for me anyways). I must sound like a hockey geek :)
As most of you know my team is the Vancouver Canucks, I watch every game, read every article, and listen to sports talk radio all day on the TEAM1040 also “SANTA DROP” some of their gear around town in an effort to drum up excitement and energy for the team. There is no better time to support our team than now. I know to some that it may sound silly or outrageous but the team can feed off your energy and enthusiasm. I know this for a fact, when I was playing high level hockey I found that when the crowds were into the game cheering and believing in the team, WE ALL felt the energy and pushed to another gear to try and respond to the vision that our fans had for us. We can all talk about firing the coach and what player has to do what later but for now show your support for whichever team you may root for and deal with the rest in the summer. #POSITIVEFANENERYWORKS
The same principles can apply to real life situations that you may have. If you constantly hear negative feedback from family, children, co-workers you start to believe in what people are saying and that will impact everyday life. Have you ever been in a situation when your boss is down your throat for one little thing and you are thinking to yourself, “man I just bust my ass for three weeks to hit a deadline for him and all he wants to do is complain that the printer was out of paper when he needs to use it ? F-him” Sometimes a positive word of encouragement at a time of crisis can be the key to solving a situation and be a monumental learning tool. There is a positive to be found in every situation. Maybe if you’re a boss, a simple but effective tool to carry in your bag and use once in a while is the ability to say “Good Job, Thank you”
The positive that I will take from the Vancouver Canucks opening night loss = this was just one loss and now you have the chance to regroup, readjust and discover a plan that works for the next game. “Good Job guys, Thank you for your efforts”
For those who are fans I hope that you enjoy this playoff run and support your team with as much positive energy as you can. If you are not a hockey fan try and give someone a positive word of encouragement to help them with the confidence to know they are appreciated. In closing for all the Vancouver Canuck fans reading this
Best of luck guys the city is behind you.
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