Thursday, August 30, 2012

Emotional highs and lows

To say that this week has been emotional would be an understatement !I have witnessed history and felt the emotion of 40 thousand people who did not know each other band together with amazing human spirit to help a person dig deep to find the energy to finish a race that is difficult to start let alone finish.I witnessed an 82 year old woman complete an Ironman Triathalon. It made me think if this woman can compete and swim 2.4 miles,ride a bike 180 Kms and then run a full marathon in 16 hours and 40 minutes , there has to be more for me to do in this world . I have been inspired and humbled with Sister Madonna and her courage to fight through adversity and achieve her dream.
I have also been a part of a different emotion and that's losing a member of our family.when you have to play god and make a decision on anyone or any things life ,you run a spectrum of guilt, content with your choice and then guilt some more. Could you have done things different?, could there be another choice ?I am positive that the right choice was made, this does not make the hurt feel any better.
I suffered the emotion of anger this week also as I had planned to donate a bunch of toys to a local charity ,just to find out they were stolen. You may have noticed I was not my usual cheerful self this week.
Now enough of that lets talk about the good that happened !
I was able to see the kindness of human spirit when in Penticton, as you know my son has a disability that hampers some of his daily activities . There was a young woman at Loco Landing amusement park that went out of her way to make sure that my son was able to jump climb and just be a kid while attending there . My hat is off to her for her patience and kindness. I promised her I would mention her as long as she did not tell anyone who I was . Thank you .
As for drops this week was not as busy due to all the factors listed above but WE were able to help an elderly couple cool off in the heat when ice cream was bought for them at the Ironman . WE gave out 2 more Tim cards for coffee .
On ,Monday we found out that the package that was sent to England for a young Autistic boy was received and apparently the smile has not come off his face and the necklace that had his favorite Soccer team on it is still around his neck.
Wednesday we were able to donate  bunch of school supplies for kids in need to the Staples store on King George HWY in Surrey. Also on Wednesday we found out a second package that was sent to England had arrived to a woman who lost her husband due to illness and was now raising 3 boys on her own , I made sure to let her know we all admire her for her strength and courage and was doing an amazing job with her boys , I included in the package a small item for each of the boys.
Thursday I over heard a young boy in the line up a he mowhawk explain to the lady that he was so proud that he saved his allowance money to buy ice cream for himself and his sister, the boy was crushed when he did not have enough money. After hearing his story and seeing his expression I asked the boy to put his money away and that I was proud of him for what he was trying to do. The mother was there , I gave her a Santa card and I paid for he ice cream. The young man smiled and used excellent manners in thanking me, that was enough for me.
The last thing done was not posted as it was a family donation to the animal shelter on behalf of our lost family member.
I have had an epiphany this week and I have come to the conclusion, why get frustrated, I can not make people follow me, I can not make people join in what I do , what I can do is my best while I continue what I have been working on for 5 years and will continue to do in the future.

I have been called a role model ths week on more than one occasion, for this I am flattered, Thank you.
I hope to inspire people to want to contribute and make our communities a better place to be and raise our children. Contributions do not need to come in the form of money, it can be a kind word a positive thought or time with someone who needs help.

If you know someone who could use an anonymous letter of encouragement or just to let them know that someone is thinking of them just let me know. I can not garuntee that I can answer all requests but I will do my best to help your friends or family and support them the same way you have done for me. 
Thanks everyone and have a good week.

 George hwy

Friday, August 24, 2012

Who is Fraser valley Secret Santa

Hello everyone
As a young man who grew up with a single mom with 3 children who was also living with cancer, I learned at a young age that people and companies can be cruel and would rather see people suffer than extend a hand to help them.
I remember a time when we had very little food and even less money to buy more. My mom would make sure that she would pick up at least 1 extra box of KD and she would give it to the food wasn't much but she would always tell me that there are people even more sick than she was and even people more hungry and poor than us. I never understood that at the time .  truly believe that was the start of secret Santa.
Having to start work at 13 to help take a burden off my mom, I was able to better learn the value of a dollar and just exactly how far it didn't go. I appreciated all the sticks and equipment my mom had to sacrifice to pay for so I could chase my dreams of the NHL,after the fact I still remember 4am practices and her sitting in the bleachers watching me , sick, in her PJ's drinking coffee. She was the only mom there. She supported me in all that I did, she still does.

When I was growing up I had a promising career ahead in baseball and hockey, unfortunately at the age of 15 I suffered from a broken neck and my dream of a career in the NHL was over , would I have made it ? I don't know but I can still dream of what might have been. Never stop dreaming.
I met my first son just before his first birthday, he had a father that abandoned him because he was born different. My son was born missing a limb and 2 years ago was labeled borderline Autistic with a mix of ODD scattered in there for good measure . I saw how people would be cruel and react to him In public because he was different . The day I met him my life changed and Secret Santa took shape. I started making him smile and building his confidence, I know that if I make more people smile the way he makes me smile , bullying, starvation , attitudes towards helping others and the disabled
WILL change.
I have been a secret Santa in the Fraser valley for 5 years doing random good deeds for people in hopes that if the people are in a good mood maybe the next time they meet someone like my son or your child and maybe even you,they will be in better spirits and may not be so critical in their thinking. I have seen my son cry too many times because he was made fun of for being different. It's because people Are different it makes this world a unique and beautiful place. I stay secret for the fact that it's not about me or what I do , it's about what you do after I give you the gift of a smile.
 As I am now a father of 3 ,I want to set a good example as a man as a father and as someone who cares about the people that surround me .
My grandfather said to me once " find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life"  I get to play Santa all year round.