Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer BBQ 2014

Where has a whole year gone ?

It's that time already As most of you may or may not know every year the NPO that I work for plans a SUMMER BBQ for our mental health and physically disabled clients in the Vancouver and Fraser Valley area. I started a few years back trying to make sure that everyone who attends leaves with a little something instead of just a few who may get lucky with a door prize, the first year was not so great with prizes so I turned to TeamSanta for help. The generosity shown by local businesses and individuals was amazing as for the last 2 years we have been able to make sure each and every one of these special people was able to leave the BBQ feeling like a winner! Incase you were not aware most of these people receive a living allowance of $95.00 per month , can you even imagine trying to buy something as simple as a new hat or shirt and still have money for bus passes , hygiene supplies or the odd lunch at a restaurant , I can't. This is one of the main reasons why once a year I have asked for simple donations of items that most of us take for granted everyday. During last years BBQ through the amazing donation from the Vancouver Canadians Baseball club , we were able to send 6 people to see their very first professional sporting event. For these individuals it was like a dream come true. The great Country artist Bobby Wills was kind enough to send multiple signed CD's for the clients . My friends the BC Lions donated 4 tickets to a game , I have to tell you the look on the clients faces and the fact that a few players signed a team photo was priceless and a memory that they will never forget. I wish I could name everyone who donated items to the cause last year but here are a few @sunrisetoyota
Roush performance

We have 113 people attending this year and once again I hope to send these amazing people home with a little something new to call their own.if you can help or know anyone that can help please forward this Blog Post and spread the word, Team Santa is about creating smiles and positive memories for those who have a hard time doing either! The items that I look for are below
Gift cards
Sporting tickets
Female items
Hygiene items
Key chains
Or anything that you can think of.the BBQ is on August 22 this year so 2 months should give us plenty of time to make something special happen. Thanks for reading and sharing this POST with everyone you know. Send me a DM if you would like to help.
Fraser Valley Secret Santa

Friday, June 6, 2014


Warning some may find this controversial , you may not agree with Santa but the opinion is my own and in this great world we all have the right to have our own views

"GUNS" just saying the word can set off a wide range of sub topics , discussions and fierce debates! Some believe that guns should be regulated , some believe in the freedom to own carry and use guns in anyway they choose! Me I am not sure what I think could be the solution to stop the massive epidemic that is Gun violence around the world , what I do know is the mental state of some people who carry guns is outright the scariest thing that I can see. The guns are not what kills people it's the people using them that does. Playing devils advocate if the guns were not made then people couldn't use them , kind of like the chicken and the egg analogy. Every day across the world brave men and women choose to get up and spend their days and nights trying to make our world a safer place police men and women , firefighters , military personnel and lose their lives doing so. To those men and women in uniform I salute you and let you know that I thank you and my family thanks you. Not only do men and women in a service role lose their lives but innocent bystanders , children mothers fathers aunts and uncles. In the profession that I am in I incur inherent risks every day working with the mentally ill. On a daily basis I see just what a broken mind can do to a thought process and how it affects a persons actions. We as a people must work together to gain a stronger understanding of mental illness and band together to find ways to repair the fractured mind. Much of the world has a me first attitude and lives in a superficial state of mind, socially isolating people due to look , the way someone dresses , religion , color of skin and we wonder why their is so much hate and depression. If you look at a magazine , what do you see ? The perfect body , perfect hair , perfect clothes simply perfect in an imperfect world. We glorify the impossible and isolate the ones that we feel are inferior. Just because someone is different does not mean that they don't Have feelings and long for a sense of belonging. Since the dawn of time humans have been pack animals and stuck together and worked as a Family for protection and survival. Now is the time we should all get back to being a family , include everyone and stop killing each other , take back our streets help who needs help , give something as simple as a smile to a stranger , it may be the difference in them having a bad day and doing something they regret or having a fantastic day just knowing that someone out there does care. To all that have fallen and given their lives in the pursuit that I could live mine, I love you and your families for the ultimate sacrifice you have made for freedom.