Friday, June 26, 2015

Whats going on

Everyday more and more I dread following my same routine that I have observed for the last 30+ years. Wake up, grab a coffee and read the sports and world news. The first thing you read is violence, beheadings, race killings, hate crimes! When does this shit end? People being killed for the color of skin , children being executed for eating during Ramadan , a man gets beheaded for simply going to work in France, tourists being gunned down for simply trying to enjoy life and experience as much of this beautiful world as possible  . Maybe I am naive to think that there could be just one day that I could open the paper or MSN / CNN and find the top story to be heartwarming full of compassion or just feel good in nature like the one about that policeman that sung a song to a little girl to distract from the fact her father just died in a car crash (tragic but a great sign of compassion). So far just this week I have seen a person beheaded in France , a  sick young man in the U.S. Walk into a church and kill people for the color of their skin , I have seen a man shoot up a coffee shop in Canada , churches burned down presidents making racial slurs animals on the planet becoming extinct star athletes being charged with drug possession and 2 super power nations bicker back and forth like a couple of school kids on the playground , also a so called world leader claim to have cured cancer , built a nuclear weapon all while starving his own people as he lives a hypocritical lifestyle. Maybe it's because of the Internet and the availability to information on an instantaneous level but we have to wake up and realize that this is not just an isolated problem, this is a global epidemic. Violence destruction and hate is now covering the globe in an alarming rate. I find myself speechless at times because I am too busy thinking to myself, what kind of world is going to be left for our children or our children’s children . When I was young  and I am sure so many of you would agree , we never spent any time in the house except to eat or sleep I was always out doors running the neighborhood with my friends not to find trouble but to simply have fun!  My favorite thing to do was ride my bike and I damn sure knew that when the street lights came on, I better get home or there would be trouble. Then there was the Mom's hotline , Mom would stand on the porch and call my name , someone's mom on the next street would hear it and because we all new each other the message would get passed along until it caught up with me and that was our version of FaceTime. Do we even really know who lives beside or around us anymore?. Being a parent to 3 boys I am terrified to let my kids out to play without supervision , worried someone may take them , someone may abuse them at school or the sports coach might touch the inappropriately . Will they be bullied to the point that they want to hurt themselves for being different? We never used to worry about these things. I simply just don't get it, where did we lose our ability to have respect for each other? Lose all respect for human life.  I know that I have rambled on and shared some points of view that some may think are over reactive in nature and that's ok these are my opinions and you have yours I am not naive enough to think everyone will like my approach. It is time that we take back our world our countries our communities and it all starts on our own street. Get to know who your neighbor is not for the color of their skin or for what god they decide to follow but as a person , report crime when you see it and be a positive teacher and role model for your children because they are not born haters they are taught , learn the warning signs that people may be out to harm others  and stand up for the future of our children whether that be in the schools or in government or your own neighborhood  , voice your opinion or the legacy that we leave behind may be a dark one. It takes one person to start, it will take all of us to finish

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

So Much Heart


There are some people in this world that truly do not get the credit that they deserve, these are people that will never ask for praise or search out the spotlight or feel compelled to let you know just how wonderful they are.

I am one who believes that when you see a kind act, someone who makes a difference or some group that just cares about its community and the people in it you find out what you can do to help them become noticed to the world, I want to introduce you to a group that fits in every category listed above.

Pop up Soup kitchen and its volunteers are a great example of big hearts and community pride for all of its members. I had a chance to speak with Erin and one of her volunteers who goes by the name “SayDee” on Facebook and twitter. I am amazed at the dedication they possess along with they will to make sure no one goes hungry or cold. Erin informs me that they do their best for all who come by for a hot meal. Erin states they  are now WELL OVER 6000 meals served to the hungry in the community. That being said there are some items that they could really use help with as this is all run on a volunteer / donation basis.

Listed below is a few of the items that they could really use a hand with

              Bottled water

              Grocery store gift cards (not able to take food donations)

              Sandals / flip flops / shoes for some of the friends they feed



              Money donations

·         Coffee / juice dispensers

Below is the bio for the now started Go Fundme campaign that is now underway


“What started out as a simple idea placed on my heart, has turned into something I don't think anyone of us realized would happen. It was cold out and shelters were full. The idea of warm hands and warm hearts was placed on my heart. I didn't know what it looked like at the time but after some thought the Pop Up Soup Kitchen evolved. There were two of us with an idea that shared our vision to others and it just caught on. Consistency was the key. With the homeless population a trust had to be built in order for this idea to work. Every second Sunday we would meet in the back corner of the Whalley Legion. Friends and friends of friends started bringing Crock Pots of hot food. Our first week we fed maybe 50 people and now a few months later we are feeding well over a hundred each time. The Pop Up Soup Kitchen wasn't about feeding the MOST people... it is about feeding as many as we can healthy and great quality food. Food that you would serve your own family and the ones you love. No day olds. Everyone deserves to be served delicious and healthy food that nourishes not only the body but nourishes the mind. We want them to know that someone loves and cares. And in this food that is prepared it is obvious. We have now served well over 1000 people. We have amazing people on board. A team that keeps growing. Pop Up Soup Kitchen is for everyone! If u can't cook then serve. If u can't make it out u can sponsor a pot! You can donate spoons and bowls! You can make a pot and we will pick it up and drop it off! You can make a donation here and it will be used to buy food or other supplies integral to making this such a success. We run on donations alone and our members cover the cost of food out of their own pockets. So! If u own a business and can help us in any way please let us know! Please follow us on Instagram hash tag #popupsoupkitchen or search us on Facebook!”




If you can donate these items just let me know and I will pass on the information to Erin or please look them up on twitter and Facebook. Donating can mean your time or spreading the word about Pop up soup kitchen, it all counts. I have started a Can EAT Attitude Campaign on T-Spring , if we sell out the shirts all proceeds will go to POP UP SOUP KITCHEN


Remember  Be kind to each other.

Friday, June 5, 2015



With the summer months upon us the thought of Christmas, giving and the joyous season inevitably becomes a distant memory and gets pushed to the back of all of our minds, how can it not when it’s camping, boating and shorts weather .though my mind is always geared towards Christmas I respect the fact that most people could do without it. So here is a few summer things that we can do to make a difference.

#1 On my list is children’s safety.

So often you hear stories about children drowning in a backyard pool, falling from balconies or being left in a hot car while parents shop or run an errand. TBH what the **** are you thinking? keep a close eye on your children . I know kids can be speedy and deceptive when outside , ACCIDENTS HAPPEN , but in a car ? The temperature inside of a car can rise to 170 degrees in a matter of minutes, as the case this past week when a woman , school teacher in Ontario left her child in the car while she went into teach for the day and the child died after 8.5 hours alone in the hot car ?????????? I can see leaving a cup of coffee or your purse on the top roof your car and driving away , lets be honest I think most of us have done that at some point, but really a child ?  This to me is absolutely unforgivable. And this was a person responsible for teaching our children.

#2 Pets and the heat

Once again this has to do with the summer heat and people who think that pets belong in the car when it’s hot out. I actually read an article this week that stated a man got charged with vandalism for smashing a car window to rescue an animal in distress, for me I would have given him an award for having the compassion for a living creature that he saved from certain death and suffering. I would have done the same thing as I know most of you would also. It’s a shame. leave your pets at home , they don't miss going to the grocery store or the mall as much as you may think.

#3    Self care

We all get caught up in having fun at the beach, waterpark or in the yard working. Please take the time to make sure that you are keeping well hydrated, NO! a strict ice cold beer schedule does not count as proper hydration (it should though). Sunscreen on children is a given but don’t forget about you. One thing that I do every summer is buy a case of water and leave it in my car and make sure that when I see anyone  who is out in the sun and looking  parched I will hand them a bottle to cool down  . A $3.00 case of water may just be the difference someone needs to avoid dehydration, sunstroke or the inability to get home to loved ones at the end of the day .



Have a great safe summer .

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