Friday, March 6, 2015


Friends are gifts, why not gift a friend

I have created 2 new shirts in the Santa Charity shirt store for two amazing reasons, one is to let your friends know that you care about them and that you are thinking about them, and the second reason is to raise money for the Secret Santa Project for underprivileged children in our communities.

How cool would it be to open up a package you didn’t know was coming and know that one of your friends sent you something for no other reason than to let you know they care? #giftafriend will be a hashtag I will be using to let the world know what we are about to do  , the shirts come in all different colors and sizes so why not surprise a friend today while helping to support the FVsecretsantaProject. Simply put it’s a Win Win.

I would hope that most of you reading this will have had the chance to visit the Santa store and have a look around, see the new shirts that have arrived. Just remember the color of the shirts that I post are not the only option you have, lots of colors and sizes are available.

A reminder there is now a Facebook page set up for both the FVSECRETSANTAPROJECT  ( ) as well as the Santa Shirt Store ( )

I am humbled by the response to the Chris Claus facebook and @fvsecretsanta twitter pages , the more the name gets out the more good we can do.

I am happy to announce that the first shirts sold have arrived in East Sussex , England . I am sure that Rachel will send pictures soon, I do not have the words to describe the appreciation I feel for her belief in the pursuit of a world with healthy and happy children. I am excited to see the fvsecretsanta brand start to make an appearance overseas.

I have tried to make it as easy as possible for everyone to be able to access the store either through the site link itself or through , if there is any other way that you can think of just let me know. I am going to try and bring in some shirts so that I have stock in hand and can give some away through draws and appreciation events that I will be having in the coming months.

Just don’t forget for everyone who buys a shirt or donates to and the fvsecretsantaProject will have their name or company name and web link posted on my website under the community cares tab. What a great way to show the world that you and your organization care. Check out the people that are on there now and say thank you.

I would encourage you to share this blog as well as the links above, together we can make a difference.

Stay classy #TeamSanta and be kind