Saturday, November 21, 2015

Letters From Santa

Santa letters 

As many of you know each year I take the time to personalize letters from Santa to children all over the world.i was going to put this on hiatus this year but I have decided after some coaxing from a friend and my Counselor to continue with this tradition for a seventh year in a row. I find that writing these letters is a great way for me to give back as financially I can't give as I used too plus it's a great way to feel good and know that I can make someone either young or old smile if only for a moment . I know what it was like as a child to see a piece of mail , yes actual mail come and I think I lost my mind every time a letter form the jolly man himself came. I have 2 options of mail for people boring email or exciting snail mail. I do these letters by donation through PayPal 
All the funds raised will go to the local food bank to help feed those who are in need this holiday season. As many of you have in the past I hope once again you will support this effort and help create smiles and full tummy's this Christmas. You can either email me the details and address of your friend or child or private message me on Facebook and Twitter . Every single request will be met. I hope in the new year to be able to get back up and running because it is such a great tool to advertise explore and create awareness for charities and the disabled not only here in the Fraser valley but all around the world. Not often does a free site come around that will promote non profit charity or just expose the good people that make up this world and don't get the credit they deserve. I hope that you will take this blog post and send it to everyone you know in hopes that we can meet the $5000.00 goal that has been set for the food bank. I realize that times are hard I feel it too but in the grand picture of it all if you or anyone is reading this then you are more fortunate than most. $1 or $100 it doesn't matter what your donation is the letters will be sent. If we start counting the pennies we lose track of the dollars that we can raise to make a difference to some families this Christmas. Thank you again for your support. Also remember the Santa store is open and also ! Clothes shirts accessories all have tax included and proceeds go towards our $5000 goal.