Friday, February 20, 2015

Moments in time

So much is said about that one single moment when your life goes either left or right, the  wrong choice made or that one chance you had to do something different with your life. We all have sat around and thought geez things would have been different if I had just done it this way. All of this is true!  unfortunately I am a person that believes that there is no one moment in time that would have changed our lives completely. Sure when I was younger I thought many times that my life was over, whoa is me how can I survive? I screwed up ! But through it all I am still here , imagine that. I honestly believe that if I didn't have not just one defining moment but several of them I would not be who I am today , I would never have met my wife and I would never be a very proud father to 3 incredible boys. I know it's a cliché but it's true " what doesn't kill you makes you stronger " we all have times in our lives that we can consider "defining" but the next time something happens to you, try and think "it's not the moment that defines you , it's you who will define that moment". 



Monday, February 9, 2015

Project FVsecretsanta

I had a vision of being able to co-ordinate a funding drive to help supply games toys and books to underprivileged children in our communities. I figure for 100 children to start it will end up costing about $10 per child so my goal was $1000.00 . Here is how it would work. 
Though donations and sales of Fvecretsanta project T-Shirts the money would be funneled back into gift bags full of books and games that will allow children not to be left out for birthdays or holidays. I can get a list of low income families that access our community services and find 100 birthdays throughout the year. When a child who would otherwise not receive anything on their special day a gift will arrive from #TeamSanta. It may not be a large and extravagant gift but the family and the child will know that there are people in the world that care and would love to make their child smile. I have been able to track down some 3D interactive games that children will love to play with, next is books and I have a wholesaler who is willing to sharply discount the prices to make this affordable and accessible for Fvsecretsanta. I am also looking into printed gift bags that would allow community and world sponsors to have their names boldly displayed and shown as a community smiles contributor . I know that money is hard everywhere that's why getting a shirt is a great way to get something in return for the kind donations you have made. I ask that if anyone reading this can help or knows a company that has a donations budget and could spare a few dollars to make this dream a reality it would be much appreciated. I will also be looking into GoFundme , not sure how it works but I am willing to try if it means we can help , I hear it can produce amazing results. Spread this blog follow fvsecretsanta project on face book , the more people that know the better chance we have at success. Santa doesn't have to deliver just at CHRISTMAS.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015



I built it, hopefully you will come. The Charity Shirt Store is open .I searched all over the place for a company that would try and work with me and accommodate my request for minimum orders of shirts with the understanding that when I sell them I will be buying more and more, it was the long way around to my $1000.00 goal for Variety Club BC and the Project. Unfortunately this was not possible due to financial restraints and min order quantities. I have no hard feelings I understand business is business. Not to be denied I continued to search. I found a great forum to display my shirt designs and to hopefully raise money for 2 of the things close to my heart, children and the fvsecretsanta Project.

Variety BC is important to me for a number of reasons, when my niece was born she was a very sick little girl and the people from Variety were amazing. Also when I was younger I was a part of the variety club telethon as a volunteer. Seems like many many moons ago now. I want to help them and know that I have been a part of their continued kindness and inspiration for children and the parents of sick children everywhere.  

The “Fvsecretsanta Project” is something new that I am working on. Throughout the year I hope to raise enough money to complete a min 100 packages for underprivileged children in our communities. These packages will consist of Books, games and a toy for each child that has none. The coolest part is that I hope to recruit volunteers to help make deliveries all over the province, country and eventually the world.

THE MORE PEOPLE THAT KNOW ABOUT Fvsecretsanta on Twitter , Facebook , Instagram , through and read this Santa Space the better, there is more likely the chance to achieve the goals set out. I am not asking for you to spend money that you don’t have, but I would like to ask for your help in getting the word out for Santa. Also with increased awareness for the charity projects we could have a better chance that a company or companies will align with Santa and offer to buy the toys, or the books or donate funding towards the project. For those who may not have seen I have offered to anyone who makes a $100.00 pledge, a charity shirt with a company or personal name on it, space on in the community cares page. Its great advertisement to let the world know that you care about your community and helping others.

I appreciate all who read this and who share Santa with the world for taking just a few moments to retweet, share and Like my Facebook and twitter pages. I hope that you will continue to follow and build Fvsecretsanta with me. Thank you