Friday, February 20, 2015

Moments in time

So much is said about that one single moment when your life goes either left or right, the  wrong choice made or that one chance you had to do something different with your life. We all have sat around and thought geez things would have been different if I had just done it this way. All of this is true!  unfortunately I am a person that believes that there is no one moment in time that would have changed our lives completely. Sure when I was younger I thought many times that my life was over, whoa is me how can I survive? I screwed up ! But through it all I am still here , imagine that. I honestly believe that if I didn't have not just one defining moment but several of them I would not be who I am today , I would never have met my wife and I would never be a very proud father to 3 incredible boys. I know it's a clich√© but it's true " what doesn't kill you makes you stronger " we all have times in our lives that we can consider "defining" but the next time something happens to you, try and think "it's not the moment that defines you , it's you who will define that moment". 



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