Thursday, May 29, 2014

So much going on

So much has happened since my last post where do I start ?
Let's start with some personal changes! RAfter a trip to the Great Wolf lodge I started to feel ill and was very lethargic ( More than usual )  after testing and blood work I had a diagnosis of Type2 diabetes and a blood sugar that was WAY out of wack . Wouldn't say I was shocked , more confused. I don't  eat a ton of sugar based foods , I am reasonably active and have the body of a Greek God , not sure what God it is , but find one that has a big tummy and red hair :) that would be me. After some digging and talking to Granny Santa it appears that diabetes runs in our family and my Dr says I had a pre-disposition to get it and I could not have stopped it. For me yah I was not happy but the silver lining is that now the issues I was having with tiredness headaches and so on makes sense.i have made lots of life changes and am proud to say that I am now only 27lbs from meeting my own personal weight goal. Great support from my family and friends helps so much.  In lighter news
I  had a friend of mine ask me to go in a local Golf tourney, this got me thinking , a #FVSecretSantaGolfShootout could really make a difference in our community! All money raised from this tournament and auction would go to a local charity . I put the idea out there on Twitter to see who may be interested in hosting such an event and a fantastic course called "Redwoods Golf Club" in Langley stepped up and said that they would be honoured to host should I be able to pull it all together! I have played there many times , I love it .  I am currently researching into just exactly what it takes to make this a reality. I would hope that TeamSanta will help me to promote and make this event highly successful and hopefully a yearly event that can grow! I will work as hard as I can to raise sponsorship , celebrity players  and awareness for the idea of helping those in need. Having a golf tournament is a great way to meet new friends who have a big heart and will walk with you to make a difference in our communities. If you have any sponsor ideas or would be interested in playing or donating let me know , all is appreciated. Be kind to everyone you meet, you just never know who may be your next best friend.