Sunday, March 30, 2014

The War Amps

Hello everyone,
I know it's been awhile since my last post and I could give you a million reasons but they would only be excuses😊.I am adjusting to my former position but once again the company I work for has mislead me and have tweeked my position.I was however approached by a competitor a couple weeks back to jump ship and go to work with them, I am still thinking about it but I am at a crossroads , I am not getting any younger , I have built up seniority and honestly I love the job I do. I am loyal to a fault sometimes and maybe that isn't the wisest decision, to work I believe that you and almost everyone is just a number , in my case and what I do I know that my clients think differently. For example a young man MS who I have written about In a previous post , he and I had to have the conversation on Friday that I have been transferred from his case again due to finding cuts, he cried and kept repeating " Not again" I feel horrible when I have to deliver news such as that because not only have we worked so long to build up a great rapport and trust he thinks of me as kind of a saviour and a voice of reason.Funding for people with a disability is so egregious and so inconsistent. My choice to move is unclear but I am leaning towards staying where I am , better to dance with the devil you know rather than the one you don't!
This past couple of weeks I have posted many tweets that relate to @thewaramps I can honestly not explain the scope of help and confidence they have instilled in my son! I am not sure that people know, all the funding that @thewaramps receives is through private donation and Keytags , no government funding is used or given. Not only do the War Amps help the children of the CHAMP program but war vets who have lost limbs or anyone who needs help due to accidents or mishaps. There were a few people from TeamSanta that made donations and for that I am greatful.i hope that people order some key tags and there is no minimum donation. If each member of team Santa was to donate just $1.00 that would make $12,500, we could buy prosthetics for as many as 4-5 people. Thank you for reading and I hope that each day is sunny and you are kind to all that you meet. @FVsecretsanta and family