Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Wow it’s almost here!!!! Summer, the nice hot weather has already teased us here in Vancouver over the past couple weeks. With the summer season comes the great news that we have gotten approval for this year’s BBQ for Mental health and for the disabled clients that we work with. I love being a part of this BBQ, all the people get to mingle with other members of their peer group, and we play games and have a great meal. In the past there would be maybe 2-3 prizes that were given out by door prize draw. It was great to see the faces of the winners but it also was tough as you could see the disappointment in others. Last year I made a bold move and was able to acquire enough donations through community generosity to have each one of the 50+ clients to get a giveaway and it made an incredible difference to the people involved , they all were able to leave happy and feel like winners. For example , because of the Kindness of the @team1040 radio station and @scottrintoul there was 2 persons with disabilities that were able to attend their first ever @BClions game. As a bonus for the guys I was able to connect with @bighill44 , @travislulay and the hall of famer to be @geroysimon and have them sign & personalize a team photo that was put into a frame  along with the ticket stubs. The guys still talk about the game today. I understand that those types of donations are rare and fantastic but it just goes to show how one personal kindness has made a lasting impression for people that would otherwise never get the chance to experience pro sports in a live setting.
This year may be a little bit more difficult as the population of our program has grown to 112 clients. I would love to be able to send them home from this BBQ with something they can call their own. As most of you know that read this post on a weekly basis I do not ask for much, just a kind word, respect for one another and to give back in your community when you have a chance. What I do need is your help, if you know of business or persons that want to promote community #GIVEBACK and are able to help in the form of donations of anything (except money, I do not want and will not except money donations) that could be used as a giveaway, just let them know of our BBQ and then let them decide if they would like to help.  Here is a list of some of the items from last year
Key chains
Tickets to a sporting event
Soaps and bath items for the female clients
Pen sets
Tim Horton gift cards
As I stated previously I would truly love to send all the people attending home with some sort of item, please help to make a few members of our community #smile , they deserve all they can handle.
I have said that I would like to recognize a local community hero each week in my posts. This week I would like you all to meet “Michelle” , Michelle quietly goes behind the scenes and makes should that people who are hungry in her community have a meal in their belly’s and know that there are people in this world that care that they are here. Michelle is the epitome of What a Secret Santa is all about, amazing young woman making a difference. I thank you and I hope that you all follow her and thank her too @misslildvl. Here is her story, please share with EVERYONE
I will Shoutout to all donators and encourage a positive Follow (great PR). When you see me post a donation that has come in I hope that you ReTweeT and help recognize the people, companies and sports teams that give back
Once again if you know anyone that can help with our BBQ or an amazing person like Michelle, promote them and let the world know that they care about their community and are mastering the art of #GIVEWHEREYOULIVE
Hope you will read share and follow @FVSecretSanta

First donation = 4 hats from @sunrise_toyota thank you !!

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