Friday, May 31, 2013

Finding our place

I received a touching e-mail earlier this week from a follower of @FVsecretsanta and his #santaarmy. This young lady and her friend were asked in class to produce and present a video on Cyber Bullying. This video was creative and inspiriting from the two grade 8, 13yr old students  from the metro Vancouver area. After compiling a story board and creatively thinking through all ideas, Harmony Forseth and her friend Nikki took approximately 1 week to make the video.  After watching the video I immediately thanked harmony’s mother for raising such an amazing young woman who I know will do great things for her community as she finds her way in the future. I could not thank Nikki personally as she is not a twitter user but I hope that Harmony would thank her for us. Take the time to have a look at this video and make sure that you say thank you to @harmonyforseth and Nikki  for trying to make the world and the schools our children attend a safer place to be.
Everyone has a purpose in life and sometimes you find it right away, and sometimes it takes most of your life to know why you are here. Some are meant to be doctors, lawyers, politicians and some are bound for being some of the world’s support staff and helping bring awareness of social issues to attention, I believe that these two fine young ladies have found their purpose.
I must say that I am honored that people are stepping up and helping us with donations for the Disabled and mental Health BBQ that is quickly approaching in August. Each week I will post the names of the donors and make sure that they are recognized for their generosity in helping me reach my goal of 112 gifts. Please express your thanks to these people and let them know that giving back is noticed and appreciated.
Sunrise Toyota                            6 hats         @sunrise_toyota
Vancouver Canadians BB          4 tickets      @vancanadians
TELUS                                            Sunglasses   @telus
Choice Newz                                Female Jewlery @choiceznewz
Michelle                                        12 various gifts   @tartsntattoos
I would also like to send my heart felt sympathy’s to my twitter friend @bifnaked on the loss of her friend and companion @nicknaked . Animals are such an integral part of most of our lives and when we lose them, we lose a piece of our family and our heart. BIG HUGS and please keep **Beaming**

Have a fantastic week everyone, be kind to each other and smile at someone you don’t know, it may be the only one they see all day.
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