Friday, April 26, 2013


The feeling of STRESS is something that each and every one of us will go through at one time or another in our life time.
For those of you who know me I am probably one of the calmest and laid back people you have ever met. I never seem to fold in pressure situations, I approach all situations with a listen first mentality and I react from there and I never let them see me sweat.
I have been under a tremendous amount of Stress over the last couple of months due to financial issues, family sickness, and job related overstress and will admit there are times when I just say to myself and anyone who will listen “When can a guy catch a break?” I am ashamed to admit that I have found myself thinking “I try and do well for other people and change their misfortune, when does Karma repay me?” I know this is a wrong way of thinking; I have never done a Santa Drop for personal gain ,I do for others because I want to not because I expect a return of good fortune. Stress can ruin you emotionally, physically and financially. How you manage your stress is the best way to overcome lifes issues , Create Balance.
Find a release for your stress, there is no need for “POOR ME” statements.  I know that it sounds cliché but it’s true. I have found many ways to try and deal with my stress, do they work all the time NO but if you don’t try you never know.
These are some of the things that I used to do, may work for you and may not.
 Due to finances I have not been out in a long while but there is just something about whacking the crap out of a little white ball that gives so much satisfaction and release.  I love Golf
Sitting beside a lake waiting alone with your thoughts, great exercise in patience
Playing a game on a weekly basis gives me the opportunity to not have to think about the outside pressures and to be a big kid again.
If you see me in the yard picking weeds and fluffing up the bark mulch in the flower beds you know that I am having a stress related bad day. There are almost no weeds anywhere within the vicinity of my yard at the moment.
I like to donate time or energy to helping others, when I find a charity or organization that I can help in some small way I find that my confidence grows and I realize that my problems are not only those of my own but are being felt by others and maybe I am not so bad off.
The most important stress reliever that I have is spending time with my kids and Mrs. Santa in the yard, watching the kids run and play and the only care they have is whether or not they will get a Popsicle in the bath when they are done gives me a great sense of calmness. Having a strong support network behind you helps also, Mrs. Santa is the most incredible women that I have ever met and I so lucky to be loved by her.
The tides will eventually change and there will come a time when you feel that nothing can go wrong. Manage yourself and your health so that you are able to enjoy when that time comes. Find what helps you release and give yourself at least 1 hour per week to enjoy the moment. In closing just remember
“You can only do what you can do and nothing more”
Be kind to each other and create a smile everyday
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