Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Smiles Kindness & Magic

As most of you know by now, when I see kindness, experience the joy of a smile or attend an event that is magical I am usually the first one to write about it and tell the world exactly what I think. I also point out the negative when I see it too. This time we have no negativity to speak of because we have experienced smiles, kindness and a magical event all in one place.

Tonight Mrs. Santa and I packed up the family and brought along Auntie Trish, Jax and Grammy Santa and headed to North Pole BC and met some amazingly talented people.

Right from the moment we walked through the door we were greeted with smiles and energy that just set the mood for the entire evening. The kids were in amazement from the first stop at the post office where the imagination was on full alert looking for the fairies and dropping a letter off for Santa. As we made our way around the venue the kids just became more and more excited and interactive with the elves truth be told I was a wee bit embarrassed when the oldest said out loud he didn't want to have an elf name but by the end of elf school he was clapping dancing and best of all smiling along with the rest.

I am sure that you have heard the story about mini Santa having a poop attack the first time he met Santa ( obviously the one who subs in for me when I am busy ) but the Santa who was at North Pole BC was amazing! 30 minutes into our adventure we had hugs and high fives for Santa from the little one. From making cookies to stuffed animals and a story from Mrs. Claus to the children, it really was a fantastic outing for the whole family.

Martin and Victoria do an amazing job with the event and the elves look, act and feel like they are having fun while working, but isn’t that what elves do anyways ? So nice to see. Reminds me of the staff at Loco Landing in Penticton and you know how much I love them.  If you have the chance stop in at the Tradex in Abbotsford and experience your own magic. Tell them Santa says hi and maybe a candy cane will come your way.  We will return next year for their Charity night festivities. Thanks for a great evening


I must make a special mention to the staff and friends of Sunrise Toyota and the Fraser valley auto mall, and every single person that helped to donate in Abbotsford  $50,000 in food and money donations for the local food bank , an amazing fundraising effort for the holiday season ! I am extremely proud to know these fine people and hope to say a personal thank you for their commitment to kindness. Great job everyone


Have a great day, Talk to you soon

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