Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 resolution

As one year closes we prepare to get a jump start on the next. We conjour  up resolutions that we aspire to achieve , we party like its 1999 and wake up with a sore noodle and tell ourselves " maybe I will start tomorrow instead"unfortunately that tommorow most times keeps getting pushed off .As  for me, I will be finding and setting my resolutions , but I will be staying home to prepare for the new year. Mrs Santa and I are having a wonderful meal with our 3 boys then maybe watch a movie. I asked my 9 year old what his goal for next year was and he responded with " I want to learn how to make my own video game and program computers" Me at 9, I was just wanted to walk and chew gum at the same time , I asked the 2 yr old what he wanted to do and he said "no dad , woody & buzz" ( toy story movie for the non parents ) then there was the 6yr old whose response was " I want to listen to people more " I thought wow , maybe we are on the right track until I started thinking, maybe  he was just buttering me up to get desert. I must admit I was very proud that they all had their own ideas and goals and have taken the time to think of what's important to them. 
I personally have a few goals that I would like to reach this year and I don't mind sharing with all of you. Firstly I am going to try and be more patient starting  at home with my family , this has not been an easy year for us with my health my wife's health and the loss of loved ones along with a career change , whew sometimes it felt overwhelming and amazingly frustrating. Patience with as I have to realize that it takes time to get it up and going to peak performance. And most of all patience with my fund raising ideas, I sometimes want to do so much but need to understand that at times I have to be happy with the efforts not the results. I can't force people to follow and support MY ideas , they are my own , just like my children's ideas. My wife and children  teach me so much. 
I can honestly say that I think this is going to be a great year for the Santa Family&Friends , I just have that feeling. 
I wish everyone everywhere all the best for the year to come , I promise that I will do my best to find more ways to make and create smiles on more people's faces this year , so share this , tell everyone you know and stick with Santa, let's have a magical 2015 

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