Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hello friends

As I start to sink my teeth into the new year and put the holiday season behind us I must admit I have been working hard to try and secure helpers and backers to get my next Christmas fundraising campaign off the ground, unfortunately I have had zero success so far. The last couple that I have done have sadly failed miserably. I am not sure wether it's the economy or or lack of enthusiasm but the fundraising and helping others business isn't what it used to be. Now a days there is so many that have their hands out that it can be difficult to know who to support, maybe that's part of the issue. I have started to research new ways to be more effective in my quest. If anyone has any ideas , let me know. I as  most people find that after the holidays end there is some melancholy that creeps in but also a sense of wonder what the year ahead will bring. So far the new year has seen a large amount of violence all around the world , France , Nigeria, Ukraine and sadly even here in my home country of Canada. I am not sure about you but I find myself avoiding the evening news more often than not because I am tired of the daily violence. Well for now I will continue to try and see the good in all people, try to remain positive and hopefully with your help one day see team Santa being the lead news story and becoming an inspiration for others to follow! Thank you for reading this and most importantly thank you for your support and friendship. 
Fraser Valley Secret Santa 

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