Monday, January 19, 2015

That one good friend

Besides Mrs. Santa or your partner, We all have that one friend in this world that you can always count on to listen when you need it, laugh with until it hurts, cry when you are upset and the odd time find the perfect way to get in trouble WITH , without even trying! My friend “T” is that guy that and realizing that it's been about 20 years now that I have known him I want to share a memorable story with you. I have to admit he has tried his best to pull Santa out of some low points and has been successful every single time. One of the things that I will never forget was the weekend that we went to Williams Lake Stampede. Yes it was a yearly pilgrimage (not only an Elf but a Cowboy too) but this one time was different. I was feeling down from personal issues and was going to skip the year’s Rodeo but through motivation we decided to go after work and make the 6 hour drive to party with 20 of our other friends who were already there. Glad Joe was driving because Santa and “T” had quite a few road pops in the passenger seat (not smart) on the way up. Arrived around 7 am campground was quiet all our other friends sleeping, yah that didn't last long. Allegedly the rumor was Santa pee'd on someone's trailer who was not a part of our group, my defense I thought they were with our group , oooops . As you can see the weekend was going to get sideways in a hurry and this was only Friday. Over the course of the weekend he bailed me out of the bull pen , put me to bed when I really needed a rest but most of all let me do what I thought I needed to do to feel better , this was exactly what I needed and what a true friend should do. To cap off the weekend, Sunday night! Sitting around the campfire “T” says the we have to go home in the morning, back to reality so why not drink "All the Beer" so me always the team player had to support my buddy , we stayed up all night laughing and joking and yes there was not a beer to be had in the morning ! On the drive home in his infinite wisdom or post “all the beer” hangover he says let's stop at Tim Horton’s “I need coffee”, me with my large 2 cream , him shoehorned in the back seat with his double double  Joe driving, we hit the road for the long drive home. 20 minutes into the journey he remembers he's lactose intolerant! The poor gas station attendant at 108 mile house I am sure was not expecting to spend the next couple hours with 3 Cowboys! I never laughed so hard in my whole life. We both were saddled with nicknames that weekend that will never be forgotten! I needed a friend and that’s what I got. The power of friendship is in my opinion the best and most wonderful thing that any of us could ever experience. So many people come and go during the span of your life so If you have that one friend that you can always count on no matter what, let them know that they mean the world to you even if it is just a simple phone call to say “Hi” . Thanks T for being a great friend

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  1. Window licker! It goes both ways, my friend.