Wednesday, November 26, 2014



Unfortunately It’s true I observe and celebrate the Christmas season in the way that I want to not the way YOU want me too. Since starting the Fraser Valley Secret Santa page I have seen the good, the bad and the downright ugly of how some perceive the holiday season. I have been called a Racist because I have only posted pictures of a white Santa ( SANTA IS ANY COLOR GENDER OR RACE THAT YOU SEE HIS SPIRIT TO BE ), I have been called a liar from those who have said I don’t really help people and I am just looking for attention and I have been accused of boosting my like numbers and using the food bank and social issues to do so. This I would like to address! Have I asked for more likes, yes I have and if that’s what it takes to get more people to think about donating to the Food Bank, thinking about animals and sick children and how they could use our help, I’m guilty and my job is complete, I have not FORCED anyone to like me, people do that on their own, no one has brainwashed anyone to magically love Christmas, it’s  something that everyone who’s liked this page just does.  As for Helping with fund raising efforts, it is something that I do because I feel that I need to do it, I do not force feed my feelings on anyone, I just hope some will be inspired to join in and make our communities a little bit better. So I am a little bit confused as to why there are some individuals that feel the need to try (and I stress try) to inflict their beliefs and hatred of Christmas upon me. The Santa page was set up for ME, my family and the people that choose to celebrate the holidays in the same way. If you are one of the people who do not celebrate the holidays in the same manner as my family or  thousands of others, I am sure that you can find better ways to spend your time .There are other pages that feel the same as you! please go find them. I may not be your traditional Santa and I do not feel the need to justify myself with my fundraising efforts but if you truly want to know about me take a few minutes before you start to pop off about Santa or the people that have been helped and Google Fraser Valley Secret Santa, READ MY BLOGS go on to On the Santa Space posts I try and inform everyone every time there’s a random present drop or have observed a good deed.  I may not be your run of the mill Santa, I don’t claim to be! What I am is a guy that DOES help the homeless, DOES help the hungry, DOES try and help children’s charities and simply DOES not hold a person’s skin color religion or background against them. Every person in my opinion is the same color and it’s the shade of human.  I am the first to admit that I LOVE the holiday season and what it represents peace, love, family and joy for so many and Hope to those who have none.  To those with the argument that Christmas is too commercialized and expensive, my response will always be the same, I agree but for me  it’s not about how much money you spend on gifts or how many gifts you buy it’s about being with family and friends, showing love to people that need our help. If you become broke after the holiday season that is your own fault, no one forces you to live outside your means, you have done that to yourself trying to impress people or keep up with the so called Jones’s. This is all blunt and honest and I apologize to those who may be offended by what I am saying but this is how I feel, surely some had no problem telling me how they felt when they called me a racist and a liar. Having no sponsors, I have spent countless of my own dollars over the years creating smiles running a website that helps anyone who needs a message sent or fundraiser advertised for free of charge so that it cuts down at least one of their advertising costs, or someone with a disability can try and sell there handmade arts and crafts to earn some pocket money. I am not just a pop up now for the holiday’s kind of person, I have been a Secret Santa for a long time in the Fraser valley before Facebook and Twitter and I will continue to be for many years after. I hope you continue to like and follow Santa , if you choose not to, I understand that also. I wish you all prosperity, good health and a
Very Merry Christmas.

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