Monday, November 3, 2014


As the days draw closer to Christmas, (51 days to go as I write) I find myself contemplating whether or not to go on with @fvsecretsanta after the holidays. It's been an amazing run of 8 years now . I know that we have helped so many , spread a positive message and hopefully inspired some to be the change they want to see in this world. More and more I have seen a decline in the amount of donations from individuals and companies that have helped me in the past, sales of Charity items have not transpired as I would have hoped, the website is not bringing the traffic  I visioned , we could not even secure a Turkey for a needy family to enjoy a Christmas dinner yet. In all honesty it has been financially stressing trying to keep it all up. As with everything in life there is a shelf life, has FVSECRETSANTA reached its expiration date? I don't know . I used to believe that if TeamSanta had more followers it would be easier to draw attention to the causes that we're trying to help, just the opposite has happened , no interaction, no corporate donations this year and little  interest in items that people have offered up as for sale items in hopes of donating the proceeds to charity. I get it times are tough for all of us , me included and maybe that's why I am torn to wether I stay or go. So many people need help but we can not continue to do it in our own. Will I ever save the world and cure all that ails it , 100% NO and I know that, I just hope that the people who have been a part of my little piece of the world for the past 8 years are better for knowing me because I know I am a better person for getting to know all of you. 

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