Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Media Power

In this week’s post I wanted to share a very special story of the power of social media and the kindness of others. Sometimes all anyone has to do is ask for help and those who are able to will and those who cannot will put you in touch with someone who can. I know that I always say “SHARE on Facebook” or “Retweet on Twitter” but it’s for a reason (most of the time) it’s to find help for those who need it. It takes nothing for us to RT and to share, a click of a button but you never know who may see and read it and be able to help when you yourself cannot.

Maybe I am different, I am not one of these people who use social media to become a Twitter Star or a Facebook celebrity, I SIMPLY WISH TO TRY AND HELP WHERE I CAN, that doesn’t just mean here in the Fraser Valley and Vancouver area but all around the world.  Here is a story that was sent to me and it shows the power and kindness of people. If you have a story that you would like to share or just feel that someone you may know in your community that deserves to be recognized for their kindness and passion for giving back just let me know, that’s what is all about  

“Hi, just wanted to share something so you understand! I have no money, I have a home and a family. I wrote a letter on Facebook to a local page telling them that I wanted some help, nothing free just help. I explained that my lovely dad has dementia and is losing his memory quickly, my mom is struggling though she is usually very strong she feels like she is losing him I remembered a long time ago she mentioned how she would like to renew her vows with my dad and it was their 50th Anniversary this year, so I asked for help, where do I start, how do I do it? On Dec 20th my mom and dad will be renewing their vows, I had three people give me enough money for the register office, I have a two tier heart cake coming made by a lady who doesn't know me, I have a room and DJ for two hours he will play quietly just enough time so we don't wear my dad out from a man I have never met, a lady handmade me some invitations I don't know her, someone is making mom a bouquet free! My parents are invited to see my husband and I renew our they think! There is the spirit of Christmas....what could I possibly need? X” DM

Don’t forget all local food drives have started for the holiday season , if you are in the Fraser valley stop in and see Mark and the staff at “SUNRISE TOYOTA” and lets help fill as many trucks as possible for the Abby food bank. They do an amazing job each year to try and donate as much as they can to make the holidays a little more special for those who are less fortunate.

Loves and hugs from the Santa Family


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