Wednesday, September 3, 2014

112 days to go Christmas fundraising starts today

As the seasons change, summer turns to fall and the kids are back in school most parents and grandparents will now be finding more time for themselves and time to decompress. Great example of this is Grammy Santa; she is kindly offering her time and energy to and charities to create fantastic personalized stockings. Grammy does all the cross stitch by hand while poppa sleeps in his chair or watches his DIY shows.  
Grammy has 100 designs that she does and will personalize each and every one of them with your name, your child’s name or any name you would like. Each stocking takes approximately 15-20 hours of needle point work, it’s not easy. The stockings will be going up for sale as of today! Each stocking is $40.00 + $8 shipping. These stockings will last for years and will look amazing hung throughout your home  

I am including the website address for you to look at all the designs that Grammy has . Grammy says she is working on a special stocking for a “Babies First Christmas".  Right now there are 77 stockings that are ready to go and more on the way all they need is a new name. I will have a list of the 77 designs that are completed to make it easier for you to decide.  {As fast as Grammy’s hands will let her needle point}.Grammy prides herself on making each and every stocking unique. If you are interested in one of these just see the ad on email me @ or on Twitter: @FVsecretSanta. I will also include a “People Helping People bracelet with every stocking sold. If you wish to contribute and buy a stocking please use PayPal this will ensure that you have a receipt and don't forget to include  the Name you wish to have put on the stocking . Lets help Grammy and raise even more money for a local food bank this holiday season. I have a Zip file of the stockings that are ready to go NOW , just ask for the file and have a look - first come first serve 

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