Sunday, August 10, 2014

Time flies

Is it just me or is time flying? Middle of August already?
This has a been an extremely busy month or so for the Santa house , I am proud to say that we have purchased our new house and are very excited to be moving in at the end of this month. Our house is a wee bit of chaos at the moment but exciting none the less. Also, the start of has been a welcome addition to the busy schedule, I cannot convey into words just how excited I am with this site as I know with time and effort it will become a great tool for people to use and connect on, for spreading good will and equality all around the world. I hope that you tell your friends and help Santa build this site to amazing heights.
This month has also seen the start of the “Personalized Growth Chart” fundraiser. Word is starting to get out and we have sold a few boards so far, the pictures really do not do the charts justice. I am optimistic that once a few sell the word of mouth will get out and sales will take off and we can raise money for charities. If you do have interest in the Growth Charts just let Santa know and I will get your info , I can ship the boards anywhere that UPS goes, understandably it will cost a bit more, the extra cost for memories is Priceless.
Personalized Growth Charts
Personalized Growth Charts
The next bit of exciting news to come through the Santa house is that the latest Santa present drop was made in Langley. Santa was sitting at the Starbucks at Fraser crossing having a cool drink on a hot day. I was able to notice there was a small child with her mom and her Grandma sitting at the table next to me, it must have been fate as I overheard the child, I came to learn her name was Adeline talking about her push bike and going for a ride. I just knew that the shiny new bike that was in my car with the cobalt blue paint job and pink accents had her name on it. I spoke with Grandma and explained who I was and what Fraser Valley Secret Santa does to promote kindness and good will in the communities that surround my home. It was kind of cool because they said they had actually heard of me on the news before. So it was set Adeline was going home with a new bike. At first she was a bit overwhelmed but when I made my exit she looked me in the eyes and said “Thank you so much for my new bike, I like it”. All that I asked in return was maybe one day if the situation affords it “Pay it Forward and be kind to someone you don’t even know”. I Love making Santa Present Drops !
Santa present drop
Santa present drop

To date we have made present drops to all kinds of places
England – Australia-Germany-USA and of course my home Canada.
The last item of business is the Santa letter campaign, once again this year I will be doing ELetters to people and their children, all you have to do is send me an email on and I will try and respond as quickly as my chubby little fingers will let me. I am not charging for the Eletters but I would hope that each person that receives a letter would hit the donate button on the site for $1.00 (or however you feel like giving) all letters will generate funds for the local Christmas bureau, Let’s try and fill the food bank at Christmas. $1.00 donated to a food bank can purchase $3.00 worth of food .If you don’t have the ability to donate do not worry your child will still receive a Letter from Santa, it’s just a suggestion it’s not a requirement.
Please help Santa with his efforts to help Charities at home and in your communities.
Santa and Family.

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