Friday, August 1, 2014

Started with an Idea

I have had an idea for some time and now, today is the day that dream becomes reality.
Starting 7 years or so ago I just wanted to make 1 person smile because I had seen enough tears through my son’s eyes, people can be cruel to those who are different. Long before the TV news stories, twitter, or having articles published in print and on blogs I was just a guy who wanted to help those who need help , change people’s perspective on disability and find respect and equality for all, that has not changed.
  Today I want to introduce  everyone to .With the utmost gratitude I have to express a huge thank you to  Utahsites for donating time and resources towards my goal of charity awareness , in particular Damon Burton for his patience with me and the development of the site . Damon was able to take the vision that I had and make it real. , I had always wanted to have a place where people could go and find out what’s happening in their community because most times you hear of an event close to or after the fact by then it’s too late to really make an impact. Where persons with a disability could display their talents and post items they have made for sale. I have seen people take advantage of the disabled and low-ball offer them on fantastic soap stone carvings to paintings and handmade crafts, plus much more, this stops now. People that have items to sell or want to try and sell can now post and display their items FREE, they set the price they get the money if the items sell. There will also be room for ANYONE to post items for sale that agree to donate a part of the proceeds to a Charity of the month. On the site you will have the option to donate now, this will help in a Number of ways, site operation, food and warm clothes and also donations to animal shelters, all you have to do is specify upon checkout where you would like the money to go. There have also been places specified on the site to have sponsorship's for add space once again another way to generate funds for a charity.
On the site you will also be able to keep up to date on the latest Santa Space Blog, The next big Santa fund raising event and every one of the Random Santa Drops that will take place not only in my community but all around the world. I have been exploring the possibility of a number of different FVsecretsanta items that can be purchased on the site; all will have a Charity component. There is room on the site for contacting Santa directly , feel free to say hi , send me your event or simply see if there is a way we can work together and make the world a better place.
I will continually work to update the site and keep it fresh and new, with your help this could be an AMAZING opportunity for all of us to create smiles all around the world.
I have to thank my wife and Children for the understanding and patience they have in me. My wife is an amazing woman that I honestly do not know where I would be without her. Not only does Mrs. Santa have the strength to work 2 jobs, chase 3 children, find time help the local animal shelters when she can but she has to put up with me too. I love her so much and have nothing but respect and gratitude.  FVsecretSanta is important to me as it allows me to show not only my children but my community and the world compassion for others and the ability to know we can make a difference in this world through hard work, determination and never giving up on what you believe is the right thing to do.
I hope you enjoy the site and check in often, “Kindness is Contagious, Pass it on”
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