Monday, December 3, 2012

One persons actions

I will start this week by letting people know just how disappointed I was to wake up and find that some of my yard art for my Christmas display was stolen. You run a mix of emotions when you have items stolen, anger, violation then it moves to sadness and now I have started to feel sympathy for the people responsible.
I can understand that there are some that would love to have Holiday displays and make their yards look festive but just can’t afford it. Some must feel jilted when seeing a large display and thinking why can’t I afford to do that. What these people do not realize is that it has taken me years buying one or two items at a time, building my own props with sheets of plywood, saws and paint. The one thing the thieves have not taken is the memories that I have of setting up the display with my children and seeing how excited they get when the items are going up. I create my holiday displays for others enjoyment and to try and help a charity or two, not to show off how many items I have.
If there was someone in my neighborhood that would like to create a display I would gladly give them the stencils or help them to create a magical place that people would drive by and say “WOW”. I will not have the time or money to replace the items this year but mark my words I will put up a display even bigger next year and I will not be deterred from creating smiles and holiday joy for children and people everywhere.
The silver lining of the events this morning is that I am truly seeing the compassion and good will of the people in this world. I have had offers of help from as far away as Africa, this I find amazing. That is better to me than a display, knowing that there is so much good in this world and that because of one person’s actions a large group of people can join together for common good.
When something like this happens, sure I run the emotional marathon as anyone else but I always calm down, step back and think of the possibilities that could have lead someone to steal. The conclusion I am convincing myself is “they stole the items to use and make their kids smile” and in the end is that not exactly what I am trying to do?
Moral of today’s BLOG

We can always find a silver lining in every situation we just have to take the time to look for it!

Thank you everyone for your support and I wish everyone and their families a very festive and enjoyable holiday season.
Merry Christmas
Santa, Mrs. Santa and the 3 elves

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  1. *soft paw* Was sorry to hear about the thefts, but frowns turned to smiles when we read that offers of help were coming in. You have a good heart, Santa *face licks*