Saturday, December 22, 2012


Being Secret Santa is a job that I find very challenging, exhausting at times, pressure packed but most of all rewarding. All the pressure is my own doing; I want to try and help as many as I can. I could easily walk away from what I do all year round and fade off in the sunset but when I realize that the potential of possibly inspiring people in our communities to think of others, to make the world a better place for all of our children to grow up in, I can’t.   
As I am here reflecting on all the highs and lows of this past year I keep finding myself wondering “did our hard work make a difference in even one person’s life”? The answer I came up with and you should too is “YES”. The reason I say that, my life has changed, I have seen a renewed spirit of Christmas giving not just in December but all throughout the year. I have witnessed change in attitudes of people that I could never imagine. I have seen an out pouring of support from people who I don’t even know towards people they don’t even know. Just when you think that you have lost faith in the human spirit, something happens and you can truly see just how much we all care for one another.
I have been able to meet some fantastic people through my new found social media connection and I am glad that after 5 years of being a secret person in our communities I have been able to share the events of my daily life and have YOU, the followers be a contributor to the cause. Some of you have met me and agreed to keep my identity secret and I thank you for that, it will never be about me, it will always be about who we can help. For the people who have met me you can vouch that I am just a normal guy, not rich just a white collar guy that gets up for work every day just like each and every one of you do. That is what makes this job great! Anyone can do it, YES that means you!
As you may or may not know a lot of what I do comes from my own pocket I would like to send a special thanks to some people for making my job as FVSS easier.
·         Tim Horton’s – gift cards
·         Sunrise Toyota – hats mittens and toques for the homeless/ food drives  
·         BC Lions – tickets for 2 disabled persons to attend a game – various items
·         Scott Rintoul and Team 1040 – give away prizes
·         Rocky’s tree farm – generous donations to the disabled
The people and organizations mentioned do so much for our community and should be recognized for their efforts. You all make a positive impact. THANK YOU
The last one I would like to thank is my amazing and special wife and family who stand behind me and support what I do. Even though my children do not know who FVSS is and what daddy does, I make sure that they are involved and help to donate at times to learn about the spirit of giving.
It has been a tough year in the Santa household at times with Mrs. Santa off having a baby and struggling with a horrible EI decision on her maternity benefits. (All finally worker out now)The great thing about Family is that we all stuck together and made the best of what we had.I could not ask for a better mother to my children. I am so proud of my boys and the strides that they have taken to becoming young men. My oldest son who is 7 went from being moved from 5 different schools and being a boy that people said couldn’t be taught to a straight “A” student in his new school. My 4 year old has gone from daddy’s baby to being a respectful young man who now is attending pre-school and finally starting to enjoy it! along with developing a fantastic personality. My 5 month old is just a happy baby who fills each day with smiles and laughter. I truly am the luckiest man in the world. The FVSS household suffered a huge loss this year when one of our animal family members passed, our Great Dane Portia will be sorely missed by the family and her friend Bailee, she was an amazing animal. We do have a new addition for Bailee to play with, Shelby is a 5 month old Great Dane, and the two have become close friends and play a lot.  
There are so many drops and donations, avocations and promotion of charities and worthy causes that I simply could not name them all. I do know that I am proud to say that the followers of FVSS have played a role in each one of them; I thank you all for that.
So often the holiday season ends and people go back to the reality of life and the duties of our busy lives. I would hope for the New Year that you all will continue to follow FVSS and get the people you know to join with me to create smiles, hope and happiness for the people in our communities and around the world all year long.
For all who read this I truly wish you and your family a magical Christmas and a very Happy New Year
And always remember
“It’s not what’s under the tree during the holidays; it’s about the people who are surrounding it”
Love and Joy to everyone


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