Thursday, November 8, 2012


Remembering the fallen.
To give your life for your country is one of the most noble and courageous things that you can do. I am positive that each and every one of use is affected in some way by having a family member serving in a war present day or in the past.
Every spring for a couple weeks We are encouraged to wear the poppy as a symbol of our appreciation for the men and women who have served in various conflicts around the world over the last century and beyond. I have the feeling that a couple weeks is not enough to honor those who risked their lives and lost so that I would be able to be free to write these words each week.
I was appalled and disgusted by a news story this week that informed us of people stealing the poppy donation boxes from various locations and from various cities in our communities. Do the cowards that stole these boxes realize that the funds generated by the poppy program are used to support the men and women who have been injured, have lost limbs or have had to endure the traumatic event of losing a family member who fought for the freedom of our basic rights? I may be in the minority but I do believe that the persons responsible for this act should be called out in the public and be made to learn, study and educate  the youth of our country on  just who the real HEROES are.
Let’s not forget our veterans who have come home injured and seem to be left on their own and only get our recognition once per year. No person who has fought for my freedom and who has given me the ability to choose my own path in life will ever be forgotten. I encourage you to do the same. If you pass a veteran on the street or encounter someone in your daily travels simply say “thank you”  
The greatest man that I ever knew W Moir, my grandfather was a veteran.  Even before he passed this man was proud of his efforts during the WAR, not because he loved to fight, because he was able to see his children & grandchildren grow up in a land that valued opinions, cared for the poor and not just the affluent while enjoying the ability to live free. He and the countless others did not fight for themselves they fought for you, me and our children.
 Although we may not always agree with the reasons for conflict, let’s not have the brave men and women who are in harm’s way be the ire of frustration. Embrace our men and women service personnel let them know you are proud of them as HEROES.
To the entire veteran population in Canada and countries around the world I extend a big thank you

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