Friday, October 10, 2014

Elf On a Shelf

Remember the days of Furby ? Cabbage patch kids? Parents would line up for hours maybe even days before a MUST have toy was released. Those days are long gone with the age of internet shopping and social media, all the information and buying power you need is right at your fingertips. Santa is no different but I have an advantage , I know a little about toys and gifts. First up, 

"Elf on A Shelf"
I know that this is not a new item and if you have one you will be nodding your head when I say this toy is magic. Create wonder and stimulate young imaginations. Your elf comes packed in a nice holiday box complete with his own story book. The best part is you can name your elf anything you wish ( ours name is "Porch" ) before going to sleep each night Mrs Santa and I find new places to hide Porch , give him mischievous adventures and watch with joy as the boys discover him every morning. the great part is that the children know that their elf is watching and reporting all bad manners to Santa. You can find Elf on a Shelf for around $39.99 but be quick they tend to sell out fast each year.

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