Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I have been asked many times over the past week by lots of my new followers “Why do you do what you do”? It’s really a simple answer to be honest. I love making people smile, I love helping the homeless and I get great joy in helping the general public see that you should not judge someone solely on their disability because if you do, you’re missing out on their ABILITY.
I want to be clear that when I am asking for help or on my own helping people, this is done with no personal attachment, no previous contact with the person, or charity ( does not include the MH & Disabled BBQ we are having , that’s a personal goal I have . make sure everyone has something to go home with ) I have just seen a newspaper article , watched on TV or hear through email that someone needs help. It’s not hard for me to post a few words in support for a cause or email a company that I know could make an impact in someone’s life. Example:  
Last year I was informed about a young Girl, 23, who was found to have terminal brain Cancer and was given about 6 months life expectancy. After some digging I was able to determine that she was a huge Vancouver Canucks fan and her Favorite player was Alex Burrows, emails and pleas were made to the Canucks organization, the girl received a signed jersey, signed photo and a personalized letter from Mr. Burrows himself. From what I hear the young woman was extremely happy and stated that it was the best Christmas Gift she ever could have gotten, short of a cure for her Cancer. Just knowing that I could bring a little light into her world of darkness was enough for me! That’s why I do what I do.
Like I said it is not hard to RT takes 3 seconds to do and you could change someone’s life. Everybody knows somebody and that’s why I attempt to grow the #SantaArmy so much because you may not know someone who could help a person in need but through RT’s it will find someone who is able to help.
Many of you know my history through following my Blog and I would encourage the new followers to take a few minutes and find my post titled “Who Is Fraser Valley Secret Santa” that will explain all you need to know.
There is so much that we can do as a team, strength in numbers. Will we ever be able to change the world? Will we ever be able to end HATE? Will we be able to stop discrimination against women and the disabled, end the stigmatism that comes with Mental Illness? Probably not, but why not try and try as hard as we can to make sure that every person on this earth is treated with dignity and respect, no one ever goes hungry. Being kind to one person can change the entire aspect of so many people day, it becomes a domino effect. Next time you are out in line in a coffee shop, try buying the person behind you a coffee, tell them Santa Said “Smile it’s a beautiful day” either they smile or look at you strange, but you know that they will tell are their friends what happened and they will be smiling and laughing while doing it, either way you win.
Last week I gave out some tickets to a BC Lions Football game, I asked for someone to enter a Tim Horton’s Restaurant that I was at and when they did speak loud enough for all to hear “I Believe In Santa”, the young man did, the reaction in the restaurant was priceless, in 4 words he made everyone in the store smile and created giggles and laughter. Goal Achieved!!!! I walked past the Man handed him the tickets and thanked him for making others smile.
Maybe one day a company will step up and work with the # SantaArmy and donate items that we can give to the homeless , disabled or to animal shelters like @FMSPCA for the amazing work they do for our animal friends, until that time comes its just us to spread the word about helping others.
Life is so short, most of us have so much, is it really fair that some go without. Does not have to always be money that helps people change their life or day, it  could be some of  your time, a few moments to listen to their story  , a can of dog food for a shelter  or it can just be as simple as a SMILE.
Thank you for your continued support Vancouver and the world
Your friend
Fraser Valley Secret Santa  

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