Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Enjoy the music

As many of you know I am a huge fan of sports, hockey is the game that is closest to my heart .With the playoffs starting (and about to end in the case of some teams) I am like all others who sit down every second night for 3 hours and watch their favorite teams play. Mrs. Santa calls herself a hockey widow but after so long she knows that this is something that I have a passion for and have done all my life. As the Vancouver Canucks season is coming to a screeching halt you can really see the vultures starting to circle. Example this morning on my way into the workshop I was listening to the local sports radio show and there is this morning radio host, Dave Pratt that is the king of sports drama! Don't get me wrong Pratt at times brings up some very valid points in regards to hockey but usually it's the whole Chicken Little debate and the sky is falling. This morning on " As the Pratt turns " he actually said that “Vancouver fans will lose all the good will they built up if the Canucks lose the series to Calgary" that is a drama statement if I have ever heard one. Look I understand that the Canucks faithful, myself included will be disappointed if the Canucks loose but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves Mr. Pratt. We have 3 rookies making an impact, 2 in the head office and one behind the bench. This team has done so much better than what was expected of them after that debacle that was last season. For the first time in a long time we have some promise in the form of young talent coming up , we have a president who absolutely bleeds wanting to see winning in this city  and I don’t think for one minute that he will step back and feel that a first round exit is near good enough . In the grand scheme of things I feel that if a loss to Calgary does happen it will be a fantastic opportunity for Trevor Linden to put a huge stamp on this team and a bigger imprint on this community more than he has so far. Basically what I am saying to Mr. Pratt and all the other negative Nancy’s out there, we got to the dance it’s too bad that our feet got sore and we had to sit back and just listen to the music but be sure that come the next time the music starts playing we will have learned to wear better shoes. In the words of Dave Pratt " Trust Me". Support your local team, family member , organization or anyone who is busting their ass and trying as hard as they can with the talent they were given to work with, don't just focus on the negative. NOT OVER TIL ITS OVER  still love you Dave
I love My Canucks in good and bad times. I am Proud of all of them.

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