Friday, December 6, 2013

Feeling it

I know I am not the only one that this happens too and that this has been happening everywhere , just have to open the newspaper and there is more stories to read but I can't seem to find the answer we are all looking for "WHY"? Three days removed from the big decoration heist and to be honest as I told a follower of #TeamSanta , I am not angry anymore I just honestly feel like by stealing more decorations they have taken more than just material things from all of late as last Saturday as I told my neighbour over a beer in my front yard at 8 at  night in the dark " I need to get this finished it looks to good but I know I can do more" each night I would put my lights on and walk around the yard to see how things could be better , making sure all lights are working then neighbours would come out and chat we would laugh and talk about our day  , that was Tuesday .today all the talk is how people don't want us to move , tears from some of the best people you could ever hope to meet in your life!  I have to be honest I am not a good mover I get lots of anxiety , I know that staying in this house is an option but maybe moving is a necessity , we have had so many things happen in this Cul de Sac and it's starting to get better but when is enough enough ? We have had SWAT teams in our bedroom due to a hostage taking in the Crack house next door , all our kids witnessed a man being beaten with a bat down the alley! Believe it or not we can not even put flower planters out because they go missing ! Don't get me wrong the area I live in is new construction unfortunately it's mixed in with about 5 houses that are still old school and owned by a known Felon and his son who is a crack an other kinds of drug dealer , those few houses have brought down the whole block . I know I got off topic  but explaining a bit about why I am not feeling the Spirit may give insight into my statement that " they didn't just take material things when the stole my displays"
I have to say the offers of support are somewhat overwhelming , I still have faith in humanity  and I thank each and everyone of you.  a few isolated incidents against us should not warrant losing the over all christmas spirit but the point I guess that I am trying to make is this
At what point in this life did it get to the point that your own yard can not be a safe place for you or your kids
Christmas isn't even sacred anymore ! All of us 7 families have been affected by someone's urge to grab a few lights and decorations from my lawn. You have influenced our lives and changed our course for the future! I truly hope the feeling comes back soon because I love Christmas and love being Santa but right now I am trying so damn hard unfortunately  I just don't feel it .

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  1. Jeez, Santa. WTF? It bums me out that we can't keep our doors and windows unlocked, car unlocked, halloween and christmas gear out (without a vigilant guard). It is tiring. If it wasn't for my wife I am sure that all of my stuff (and her's) would be gone!

    I just don't think that way. None of us should have to think that way.

    Keep up your faith in humanity...most of us are ok...and keep up all the awesomeness that you and Mrs. C. do.