Thursday, September 5, 2013

Team Santa

Team Santa
Team Santa has taken on a life of its own since the 21rst of August! I wanted to extend a heartfelt and huge thank you to everyone who busted their ass to try and help Santa get to 5000 followers. To some that is not many, to others that’s a large amount; to me it’s a win for Charity. Along the way there were a few hiccups and a suspension or two but we made it despite the odds. @bowmovers put up a great fight and it was close up until the end.
I have never been one for large numbers of followers, I have been more about having the ability to reach people, draw from people and be inspired by people. There were some along this journey that decided that this was more than a race for charity and all for fun. These people had decided to mess with people’s accounts, hack them, report them as spam and just try and disrupt what should have been a friendly competition. All these spiteful people have done was attempt to hurt the charities and children that Santa helps, for this i feel sorry for them. This challenge to 5K has shown me and I am sure some of you that if you never give up and keep trying your best, good things will happen. We Banded together as a team with our differences, culture and color pushed aside . It was not an issue if you were straight or gay, black white yellow or brown, As a unit we found a way to work together to accomplish a common goal and that was  to try and help needy children in our communities. I wish that this could happen all over the world; I hope that one day we, the human race can get past the color of skin or the sexual preference that one may have. In the grand scheme of this why does it matter to me or you, it shouldn’t, it’s not our life to live or judge. If you look on my TL you will see that all walks of life are represented and I love it. The only way to eliminate hate and racism is to experience what another culture has to offer, gain understanding into why things are the way they are.  NOH8
On to the next adventure.
On a weekly basis (or when I can get around to posting) I would like to try and single out a person that is making a difference in a community, this is where I need your help. If you know someone who is trying hard to be a positive influence in their community please let me know. I want to make sure that the world knows there are good people doing good things right in our own backyards. So often we only hear about the bad in a community. I know of so many people that are trying to make a difference and to be a difference in their community.  
With the holiday season approaching and planning in effect for fund raising or charity events, just let me know how I can possibly help through FVSS and spreading the word about your cause. The SantaArmy has accomplished some amazing things this year, I am so proud of each and every one of you that helped and jumped on the Santa Train!! Hope you continue to enjoy the ride.
Positivity breeds confidence, confidence breeds humanity, humanity builds the world
It’s good to have realistic expectations; it gives people something to live up too  

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