Thursday, October 11, 2012

Why do we Bully ?

As most of you know when I was younger I had a serious neck accident and from that point on I became overweight due to the inability to be able to work out from pain and migraine headaches. I was teased and bullied and fortunately I overcame the hurt with the assistance of a strong family and 2 of the best friends you could ever imagine. Just knowing that I had someone to depend on that would not judge me for my actions and just love me for who I am was KEY.Be that person for someone. There came a point as I matured that I realized that I don’t care what others think of me this is who I am , and not to sound full of conceit , I love who I am. You know not one person ever asked me why I was the size I was and just assumed that I was an over eater.
Life is all about options and the choices that we ultimately make every day we are alive. One choice that’s made every day for the wrong reasons is the choice to become a bully. So often you hear of people that have taken their own life due to the actions of others. The case of a young girl Amanda Todd comes to mind. She made a poor choice to bear her breasts on the internet, because of the impulsive action this young beautiful woman was ridiculed mentally tortured, beaten up and eventually took her own life. Why are we so cruel? Have we all not made mistakes? It is heartbreaking to know that the same people that you see on a daily basis could play a HUGE part of someone wanting to live or die. Please view Amanda’s story
You may remember that I am a mental health worker who also works with persons with all different disabilities’. On a daily basis I am subject to seeing the teasing, the stares, and the giggles and hear the whispers towards my clients.  Some of my clients do not have the capacity to understand what is being said or are oblivious to the stares, fortunately I am not. I become thoroughly disgusted at the way those persons who are different, people who have made mistakes and persons who just want to be different and express themselves in various ways whether it be clothing or sexual orientation. Who are we to judge? Next time you see a man in a wheelchair rolling down the street don’t assume “oh he’s retarded” think to yourself I wonder what could have happened? case in point there was a man at the football game that I attended that actually asked me what it was like to work with “retards” I kindly informed the man that this “person I am with tonight was struck by a Drunk driver and has irreparable brain trauma has lost his home , kids wife and entire way of life. I also said to the man that “he is one of the smartest individuals with the most heart I have ever met and he intends to walk and talk again just as you and I do”. in closing to the fine gentleman “when he does walk again I would love for him to meet you on the street and you call him to his face a Retard, have a great night and enjoy the game”.
Is the way we act a product of upbringing? Mob mentality, the overwhelming desire to be part of the IT crowd? Be happy to be you! Each and every person on this earth is an amazing human being who deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. If others don’t love you or say that everyone hates you! Tell them that is not true because FVsecretsanata loves you just the way you are!
Please support the following           all avenues that support NO hate and suicide prevention.
Be kind to one another life is short enough as it is

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